5 top attractions you must see in Senegal and travel agencies

Top destinations in Dakar, Senegal and air flights connections? Ile Gorée is often cited as the ‘number one thing to do’ in Dakar, and it’s not hard to see why. Lying two kilometres off Dakar’s south coast, the island is a UNESCO world heritage site, and was the largest slave-trading centre in West Africa between the 15th and 19th centuries. Now it’s a sanctuary of calm, with a population of around 1,500 living in pastel-coloured houses on tranquil cobbled streets. A castle, which served as a WWII outpost, provides fantastic views of the island and downtown Dakar, while visiting the 18th century Maison des Esclaves (House of Slaves) is a must. Established as museum in the 1960s, the sole remaining slave house on the island serves as a harrowing reminder of the brutality, cruelty, and scale of the transatlantic slave trade.

The Senegalese capital is famed for its nightlife, with countless clubs and bars offering the chance to experience the country’s legendary Mbalax music scene. Dakar is also a hub for West African art, with several world-class museums and galleries. In particular, IFAN Museum of African Arts is a must-see, with fascinating displays of colorful masks, carvings, instruments and more. With plenty of street markets, restaurants, and nearby beaches to choose from, Dakar has something for everyone.

IFAN Museum exhibits traditional & seminal art works and artefacts from chiefly West African countries like Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast, Guinea Bissau and Burkina Faso. The museum holds the vastest collection of the artefacts from Francophone Africa. IFAN Museum is a hub for African artists and West African studies. Moreover, Dakar Biennale is held here annually. Cathedral of Dakar is an enormous structure with unique chapels and artisanal sculptures in it. Having been serving as the prime center of worship for the Christian minority of Senegal, Cathedral Dakar is one of the must-see attractions of the city. Especially on Sundays during the mass time, this cathedral is exceptionally vivid and beautiful. Discover extra information at https://www.acgroupvoyages.com/.

Have an experience of exploring the desert by visiting the Lompoul Desert in Senegal. Make sure you enjoy fun camel trekking, marvelous vistas, and thrilling sand dune buggies. You can also enjoy the celebrations of the Festival du Sahel, an incredible music festival, here when vacationing in this marvelous African country. Are you a birder interested in discovering unique species of birds on you visit to Senegal? If yes, then make sure you pay a visit to the Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary when traveling to Senegal. This destination is extremely popular for having greater than three million fabulous birds, particularly in the span between November and April when most of the birds migrate from the European region to the southern area.

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Située au cœur de l’Europe, l’Allemagne regorge d’attractions touristiques fantastiques et de sites uniques. Des visiteurs du monde entier se rendent en Allemagne pour découvrir des trésors architecturaux et des lieux fascinants de beauté naturelle. L’Office national allemand du tourisme (GNTB) souhaite rassembler les attractions les plus populaires et invite ses visiteurs internationaux à désigner leurs attractions favorites. Réservez dès maintenant votre séjour en Allemagne : Dakar – Francfort. La Suède est une magnifique région dans le nord, avec ses archipels bleu profond, ses aurores boréales, ses créations, son alimentation et son design moderne et épuré.

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