Top travel locations to visit in Guatemala

Top places to see in Guatemala and festival tours: Here we present a description and dates of the main festivals of Guatemala, activities that you can easily include in your vacations, we are sure that will improve your experience in the Heart of the Mayan World.

Major Festivals in Guatemala : Holy Week in La Antigua Guatemala. A float with the Virgin Mary Follows by ladies wearing dark clothes. The processions proceed slowly. Antigua cobblestone avenues, the feet of the bearers cushioned inside the sawdust carpets that are damaged as the parade goes by. Visiting Antigua while in lent and Holy Week usually means an exceptional spiritual fulfilling experience that you will always remember.

24 Diablos Fest at Ciudad Vieja. December 7th and 8th : Every 7th of December, a parade or convite slowly makes its way through the streets of the former capital Ciudad Vieja just outside Antigua Guatemala. The following day they celebrate the town’s virgin patron’s day, Día de la Virgen de La Concepción, and after mass, in the cathedral, everyone crowds into the plaza outside for the noisy display of fireworks. Discover even more details at Festival tours Guatemala.

Other Guatemala attractions: Lake Atitlan has been described by many as the most beautiful lake in the world, and visitors who make the journey here will not be disappointed. In the high country, less than a two-hour drive from Guatemala City and less than an hour and a half from Antigua, Lake Atitlan sits at 1,538 meters above sea level and is surrounded by hills and volcanoes. The lake was formed in a volcanic crater, and three spectacular volcanoes are the backdrop for the clear waters and the quaint villages found along its shores. The prime entry point is the city of Panajachel. After exploring the main street, lined with all kinds of vendors selling their blankets and goods in stalls and alleyways, visitors can make their way to the waterfront to catch a water taxi. Boats line up here to take passengers to the villages of San Pedro, Santiago Atitlan, San Andres Semetabaj, Santa Catarina Palopo, San Lucas Toliman, and even smaller secondary villages or private hotels.

Lake Atitlan was described by Aldous Huxley as the most beautiful lake in the world. Situated in the Guatemalan highlands, the lake is a stunning exhibition of natural splendor. The portal to Lake Atitlan, the city of Pananajachel, is also a portal to an indigenous world of the Mayans and other ancient peoples. It is a beautiful area, with many tourist attractions, opportunities for exploration, scuba diving and learning Spanish. Read extra information on

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