Bhutan travel attractions

Bhutan is an awesome destination to visit, a magical ancient kingdom with beautiful scenery and a fantastic history. Trongsa Dzong: Trongsa Dzong is the biggest fortress and monastery in Bhutan. It is found in the Trongsa District at the heart of the country and overlooks the gorge of the stunning Mangde River. The dzong is the centre of the administrative district, and the monastic complex houses around 200 monks. Also found here is a printing press which publishes many of Bhutan’s religious texts.

Mountain biking is an adventurous eco-friendly sport and Bhutan has outstanding trails with vivid landscapes for every biking lovers. Being a culturally and naturally rich place, you can paddle through the rugged terrain, climb and descent through many villages while taking a peek into local lifestyle. You can enjoy this thrilling activity mainly in places such as Paro Valley, Phobjikha Valley, Punakha, Tongsa, Wamrong, Wangthang La and many other locations in Bhutan. However, it is not just the uneven roads you can embark on traversing the beautiful backdrops of Bhutan, in fact, through this expedition, one can also witness the Buddhist culture and visit the monasteries that pass the tracks. Mountain biking, undoubtedly is the best way to see, feel and enjoy the destination with fun and ease.

Due to the geographical location and operating challenges out of Paro airport in Bhutan, flights are severely dependent on weather conditions. Scheduled timings are subject to change without prior notice. Travelers are, therefore, requested to check with Drukair offices or its agent for the latest information. Drukair reserves the rights without assigning any reason to cancel, reschedule, or overfly or delay the commencement or deviate from the route of the journey. Read additional details on Druk Air Singapore.

Did you know about the national animal of Bhutan? Well if your answer is no, then you’re not alone in that. Located in the district of Motithang in Thimphu, Motithang Takin Preserve serves as the home of the famous species of takin. Many travelers consider visiting this zoo-converted-reserve as one of the best tips while traveling to Bhutan. The Takin is a rare type of animal and falls under the goat species and their actual habitat is the eastern Himalayas. These animals live in the high altitudes of the country, also found in Northwest Myanmar, northwest India as well. These odd-looking animals according to the local legends were assembled by a 15th-century saint who agreed to create a miracle. This saint joined the head of a goat at the top of a cow’s skeleton and brought this new type of animal to life. Apart from myths, this animal is the result of evolution and has a protracted nose, large head, and strong torso provides it a different look. The Takins live around the 8.4 acres from the rainforest and the Bhutan government is taking good care of them by preserving the species and they do not keep the animals in a zoo because they believe in non-confinement of animals in a Buddhist country.

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