Malaysia eVisa to visit a wonderful country

Malaysia is a fabulous destination, so much history, a must see for any travel fan. The Semenggoh Nature Reserve is famous for its orangutan orientation program in which orphaned or rescued orangutans are taught to live in the wild. Because of this, the surrounding forests have a thriving population of orangutans that are breeding in the wild. The best time to see the orangutans are the morning and afternoon feeding sessions. The Semenggoh Nature Reserve Also has a thriving bird population with colorful exotic Malaysian birds, including the Bornean black magpie, yellow rumpled flowerpecker, Malaysian honeyguide and brown hawk owl.

Many years ago Malacca was one of Malaysia’s most sought-after destinations. Before Kuala Lumpur transformed from a malaria-infested jungle into a polished high-rise capital, Malacca was one of the greatest trading ports in Southeast Asia. Over time it changed from a thriving port into a sleepy backwater city and lost its spot as a must-visit destination to its high-rolling cousins. Yet in recent years, Malacca has been revived as a top-pick holiday getaway due to its many historic attractions. Home of the well-known Nyonya cuisine, it’s a popular destination for tourists who want to catch a glimpse of Malaysia’s unique heritage.

This northern state is located at the tip of Peninsular Malaysia, bordering Thailand. It is home to some of the most interesting food in Malaysia as it combines flavors from both Malay and Thai cuisines. Perlis is also home to Gua Kelam, one of the oldest caves in Peninsular Malaysia, naturally linking the foot of a hill to a valley 370 meters away. While not as urban developed as the more popular states of Penang and Selangor, Perlis prides itself on its ancient and traditional roots, almost seeming like a fixed point in time of older Malaysia. This is Malaysia’s ultimate entertainment destination, with many casinos, theme parks and luxury hotels decorating the hill as one mega resort. Boasting Malaysia’s only legal gambling center, Genting Highlands is full of activities and facilities that are rare in other parts of the country, such as indoor sky diving, snow parks and Southeast Asia’s fastest cable car.

This 20 kms long and 11 kms wide Tioman Island is the best example of what an happening island life is all about. This paradise for travellers is replete with adventure and leisure activities that compel to call the island one of the best places to see in Malaysia. Located in the South China Sea, Tioman Island boasts teal water, breathtaking waterfalls, lush forests and orange blossoms. The island is perfect to enjoy activities like snorkelling, diving, sailing as well as paddling. One also will enjoy taking a sneak peek at the rich village life on the island.

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