Your apartment is your home during the holidays

Children have their own room, so Mom and Dad can also have some privacy. In addition, you have your kitchen, living room, terrace and the extras that you look for like garden, barbecue, swimming pool … The kids can go to bed and you can calmly see a movie in the living room, as you would do at home.

Maybe the price of an apartment is the same as the hotel, but in the apartment you can save meals outside, or make some inside and others outside if you do not feel like being in the kitchen all day. Only with making the breakfasts at home, you already notice the savings. And if you travel 2 families together and take a big house for everyone will be more noticeable compared to a hotel stay.


The kids eat better

Well you can make food to your liking. From preparing a purée for the little ones to making the favorite dish of the eldest. Sometimes the local cuisine does not like it, or it is difficult to find gluten-free dishes, allergens or spices and it is safer to prepare it at home. In addition, you do not have to worry about being in a public space if the child has a huge tantrum, we have suffered some in the middle of a restaurant and I assure you that I have had to leave, to let others rest easy. In your apartment you can have the tantrum, but you do not have hundreds of faces that look at you …


You feel a little more like a local

Living in the destination, you are going to make the purchase, you cross with the neighbors and start a conversation, if there are common areas the children can play with others who are on vacation or from the place.


Schedule flexibility

In an apartment you propose the schedules, nothing to get up early to get to breakfast, and do not worry if the dinner is extended. If you want to keep the Spanish meal schedules, even if you are in a country where you have dinner at 6 in the afternoon, you can do it in your apartment. And if a little one wakes up in the middle of the night you can prepare a small glass of milk or take it to your room so it does not awaken the brother.





You have more space than in a hotel room

If the weather is bad or if the kids are really tired you can spend the afternoon at home playing, watching a movie … A hotel room can be very small.


Surprises of the hosts

Sometimes you find surprises like this beautiful piano that counted the apartment we rented in Edinburgh. Or toys from the children of the hosts that your children can use to entertain themselves.


On the internet there are hundreds of pages of rental apartments and holiday homes, you can search in those hundreds or a single web that groups most Internet holiday apartments. This website is a metasearch of apartments, search on prestigious websites such as Booking, Airbnb, Homeaway and many others and shows you the best price found. You can put filters by price, services of the house to rent, type of house, number of rooms or see them on the map so you can locate them. And when you have decided, you will be redirected to the website where the apartment with the best offer is published, so that you can close the rental with this website. It will save you time in finding the apartment that best suits your needs.


We usually look for apartments with 2 rooms, one for children and another for us. With fully equipped kitchen. If we are in Spain, we seek to allow pets to take our dog Pekas. If it is in summer in a warm place we like that it has a pool and air conditioning. If winter is essential heating. And if you also have wifi, we’ll keep it!


And do you prefer to stay in an apartment during the holidays? What services do you look for in holiday apartments? Sources : luxury apartments Barcelona and barcelona apartments

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