Do you want to run a website like Airbnb ?

Travel business is huge in 2019, and many people want a piece of this huge money cake. A shortcut solution to enter this industry and make some money is to use ready-made software themes that clone the functionality of proven success travel business websites. One of these is Airbnb. How to start your own travel business website and try to emulate Airbnb’s success?

You want to make sure your software solution covers : Availability and booking management, When the marketplace offers services or rentals, it requires an availability management system so that providers can reliably specify their availability, and users can easily book on dates that fit them. This feature increases successful bookings, avoids double bookings, and maximizes user satisfaction. Peer-to-peer marketplaces are quite complicated to create. They need to handle filtered searching, geolocation, online payments, communication between the users, and review systems. Building such a site from scratch requires a lot of work and technical skills.

How to get visitors to such a business website ? Before you say it – no, true guest blogging isn’t dead, despite what you may have heard. Securing a guest post on a reputable site can increase blog traffic to your website and help build your brand into the bargain. Be warned, though – standards for guest blogging have changed radically during the past eighteen months, and spammy tactics could result in stiff penalties. Proceed with caution. Guest blogging is a two-way street. In addition to posting content to other blogs, invite people in your niche to blog on your own site. They’re likely to share and link to their guest article, which could bring new readers to your site. Just be sure that you only post high-quality, original content without spammy links, because Google is cracking way down on low-quality guest blogging.

Get Started today with Unique BUILT OPERATE TRANSFER Model with very low investment of only $100 and monthly rent of $20. In this model you get started on monthly rental basis with YOUR DOMAIN and branding and buyout the source code and move to your server whenever you want(it will be same code and database). You dont need to invest in any resource or infrastructure. See extra info on Create a website like Airbnb.

Our admin system is a wholesome and robust admin system with very intiuituve yet simple interface. The admin can manage the entire system and has all standard admin features with dashboard. Admin can also add subadmin and assign only limited access for example to manage bookings only. Static pages can also be added to site from admin via a cms like module.Standard Features of Admin as ones that will let you run your Airbnb clone like rental Business with ease – Manage Users, Properties, Commissions, Coupons, Newsletters, Featured cities and listings, disputes etc.

Why RentA2z is the Best Airbnb Clone WordPress : Create account via email or Facebook/Linkedin/G+, Search and Browse all listings like airbnb clone, View Property and Host details, View availability calender and make booking, Save to Wishlist/Share on social sites, Manage their Profile/account, View details of all properties that he has booked in past/present/upcoming, Rate/review properties, Internal messaging/notification system.

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