You must see Myanmar at least once

Mandalay Fort, Myanmar.

A stunning location, Myanmar, you can’t miss this place from your “to go” list. Here are several top attractions in Myanmar. Shwenandaw Monastery is an historic Buddhist monastery in the city of Mandalay. Known as the Golden Palace, this important building is located in central Myanmar. It was originally part of the Mandalay Palace complex as the royal apartment of a king, but his son moved it outside the palace after his death believing it was haunted by the king’s spirit. It later became a monastery. At one time, the building was covered in gold but the gold is mostly inside now. The exterior is covered with ornate teak carvings representing Buddhist myths. Ornate carvings made from other materials such as stone can be found throughout the structure.

Along with Yangon, Bagan is one of the main tourist attractions in Myanmar. With a repertoire of the massive Buddhist temple, built by King Pagan over many centuries, Bagan is undoubtedly the greatest archaeological site on earth that you should never miss to visit in Myanmar tourism. Nowadays, with 2,220 temples still remaining (in about 13,000 temples in the peak period), this native land unleashes fair chances for you to freely explore Bagan art and architecture by a visit to the Bagan temples. They are close to each other, so it provides you with a wide range of moving ways such as walking, cycling, buses, tuk-tuk or on a hot air balloon to discover this marvelous site. If you have already mesmerized by the ancient architecture of pagodas from the ground, a hot-air balloon flight will provide you a chance to marvel at the wonderful Bagan from above, which is an unforgettable experience. To the southeast of Bagan lies Mount Popa together with a lot of Buddhist monasteries situated. Popa, in Sanskrit, means ‘flower’ as the whole remains are well-known for its breathtaking beauty.

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Amarapura is another top tourist attraction in Myanmar. This was once the capital of the Burmese Kingdom before it was moved to Mandalay. There are lots to do in this small village including visiting the U Bein Bridge that spans across Taungthaman Lake. This is the longest and oldest teak bridge in the world. The lake is a great place to see the sunrise or sunset. You can also sit along the side of the lake and watch the locals on their boats paddle past. The British ruled in Myanmar for more than a century. In fact, you may not know that Burma was actually the old British name for the country. Because of this, there are a few colonial buildings that still exist in Yangon. The better ones include the Strand Hotel, the High Court Building, and the Minister’s Office. Not everyone likes history, but Yangon is somewhat special. This city has the highest number of colonial buildings in all of South East Asia. The reason is that under the recent military regime, development in Yangon was restricted. As such, the colonial buildings were preserved, which makes it one of the more interesting places in Myanmar if you want to learn about the colonial past.

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