Travel photographer’s must go locations in Paris and London

Paris view from the Pompidu Museum

Paris and London are a paradise twin location for photographers. Here are some locations to visit : London, Neil’s Yard is perfect for those that like lots of colours in their photos. You should head here early before it gets too busy. To get to Neil’s Yard get off at Covent Garden underground station and then it’s only a short walk. View from the Shard : Definitely my favourite viewpoint in London. Options at the Shard are to go to the viewing platform on the top floor or stay in the amazing Shangri-La hotel. Both will present you with spectacular 360 views of the city. The Shard is also a good spot for sunset and blue hour pics.

The Tower of London is where the Crown Jewels are housed, and they’re quite spectacular. It’s also where you can stand on the execution site of three English queens! The Tower of London was home to the kings and queens of England for many years. (Buckingham Palace has been the official London residence of Britain’s sovereign since 1837.) The Tower of London was a prison and many famous prisoners were held there, including Sir Walter Ralegh: he was held in the Bloody Tower for 13 years, but made use of his time by writing The History of the World (published in 1614) and growing tobacco on Tower Green. The Tower of London held prisoners from the middle and upper classes, so there are no dungeons.

Trafalgar Square is situated in Westminster and is considered one of the biggest in London. The square was named after the battle of Trafalgar, a victory over the French fleet by Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson. Today, the square features some of the most popular attractions in London and has been a place for many protests, demonstrations, and large-scale events. Wander around the square to find the famous Trafalgar Square lions or snap a selfie with one of the bronze statues in each corner. The North-East part of the square is home to the fabulous St Martin-in-the-Fields church. Cost: Entry to Trafalgar Square is free.

A sumptuous palace that was once the home of France’s Kings, the Louvre is the most important of Paris’ top museums. Visitors enter the museum in the courtyard of the palace at the glass pyramid (designed by Ieoh Ming Pei in 1917). The Louvre Museum possesses more than 30,000 artworks (many considered masterpieces)-from antiquities to European paintings of the 15th to 19th centuries. It is impossible to see it all in one visit, but tourists can focus on a particular gallery, such as classical sculpture, Italian Renaissance art, or 17th-century French paintings, or take a self-guided tour to see the Louvre Museum’s highlights. The most famous piece is the Mona Lisa or La Gioconda (or La Joconde in French) painted by Leonardo da Vinci in 1503-1505. Other exceptional works are the ancient Venus de Milo sculpture, the monumental Victory of Samothrace of the Hellenistic period, the immense Wedding Feast at Cana painting by Veronese (1563), and Botticelli’s frescoes. Also a must-see is Liberty Leading the People (1831) by Eugene Delacroix, depicting the Parisian uprising of July 27th to 29th, 1830 known as “Trois Glorieuses” (“Three Glorious Days”).

Photographer Victor Guidini, who lives in London, has been photographing tourists in the capital of England since 2013. In recent years he has been doing photo shoots in France. “It all started when a customer who had done an essay in London asked if I would be available to shoot in Paris. At first I thought it would be difficult to be a profitable business, but I organized all the logistics that facilitated the rehearsals. Traveling by the Eurostar trains, I get to Paris in around 2 hours, and without all the waiting and paperwork that a travel area has. After considering the risks and investments required for this journey, I embraced the opportunity, “says the photographer. See more on Fotografo em Paris e Londres. According to Instagram data, the Eiffel Tower is the place of Europe most marked in photos by its users, and the fourth of the world. Such popularity is also reflected in the choice of places for photographic essays. “Although Paris is a city with several movie locations, the environs of the Eiffel Tower are still the most sought after places for photo shoots. The Louvre region is also very much in demand for photos, “says the photographer.

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