Desert safari best tricks

The uniqueness of this desert safari will only be understood by taking a trip to the Dubai desert and experiencing the desert safari. Although the fun and adventure of almost all the tour operators will be nearly the same but the campsite, skills of the driver and insurance are some things that can be considered the factors to differentiate between them. The desert safari in daytime is the most popular because of the BBQ dinner and dune bashing but again the temperatures can be a little too much to handle. Try going on the evening trip and you will get a chance to witness the beautiful stars while chilling in the desert.

If you have hip, knee or joint issues, pop a few pain relievers before your camel ride. Read more regarding desert safari deals.

Desert Safari and Dune Bashing tours are on the top of the list of things to do in Dubai. Ask anyone who has been there, and they’ll tell you it is the most fun you can have in the desert.

Most tour operators offer relatively the same experience albeit at different prices. It is the skill of the drivers, the insurance and the campsite facilities that differentiate them. Prices vary so it helps to look on the internet and ask your concierge for a recommendation.

There are experiences for all budgets

A lot of people think that spending a night out in the desert has to be a ‘backpacker experience’. But this is far from the truth. Jaisalmer offers a massive range of luxury desert camps from the Camp E Khas to the out of this world luxury Serai camp.

You can see a list of the 40 best desert camps here. (keep in mind if you book directly, you will need to book a transfer!)

You really don’t have to want for anything in these places! You’ll be waited on hand and foot and feel refreshed, rather than sandy, after your stay. Extra info about dune buggy desert safari.

Evening Safari : This safari is 6 hours of pure fun. The desert has many treacherous dunes with crazy peaks and falls. So, how about taking an SUV and conquering these dunes? Expert drivers take you dune bashing which is as exciting, if not more exciting, than a roller coaster ride. This activity will get your heart rate going. After enjoying this, you can relax as the tour heads to the Bedouin desert camp. Here, you can experience how the original settlers used to live in the desert, and indulge in their lifestyle. You can get your hands painted with Henna, try Arabic clothes, smoke shisha and drink authentic Arabic coffee. The nights ends in grand style with belly dancing performances and a delicious BBQ dinner comprising vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies. It’s the perfect end to an exhilarating evening.

The whole thing exceeded my expectations. The driver, Ghoulam, was very professional & the Sand bashing was good. And the 10 min quad ride was fun. However, the camel ride was very brief & should be longer. The food was better than I expected. Particularly, the appetizers were great. The male tanoura dancer and the female belly dancer were amazing. I’d recommend the whole experience.

Desert Safari: For culturally inclined tourists grabbing air tickets to visit this fascinating emirate in the UAE, desert safari packs in a tapestry of delights! Of course, watching the belly dance around the campfire and savouring a barbecue dinner in a traditional Bedouin ambience are two of the great prerogatives, offering one a peep into the rich Arabian culture and hospitality. Enjoy the unique experience of Sheesha smoking, a practice that goes back many centuries, where you can smoke like Arabian traders and sultans. You can also try a camel ride and enjoy spectacular views of the glittering sand.

Things to Carry

It is recommended to pack light and loose comfortable cloths. Males can wear shorts or cotton pants with t-shirts, while for females, jeans with t-shirt or top is a good option. While Dubai is one of the liberal emirates in the UAE, it is still traditional in terms of clothing at public places. So, it is best to dress conservatively. In terms of footwear, you’re suggested to carry a nice comfy pair of sandals rather than shoes which can get uncomfortable once the sand seeps inside. A camera with extra batteries, a comfortable hat, sun glasses and a multi-utility charger are other essentials.


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